Born into a family of farmers in the iced Chinese region of Heilongjiang, Yan Shuang was bearer of some natural skills for drawing and designing, which he started developing at a very early age.

Yan Shuang

As a teenager, Yan Shuang had no choice but to drop out of school. He found a job as an apprentice at a local textile factory, where he worked for a few years. After that, Yan Shuang was able to retake studies and finally accomplished his main goal at that time: Graduating at Harbin Art College.

At the age of 25, Yan Shuang travelled south and settled in greatly prolific Canton/Hong Kong industrial area. A dream was starting to become true when -blending his professional knowledge and artistic formation- he founded his own brand.

10 years have passed and nowadays Yan Shuang handmade bags are already widely praised by many. That’s due to their outstandingly creative designs, artistic approach and top-notch eco-friendly manufacturing. There are more than 200 Yan Shuang stores all over the Asian continent.

Now the story continues in Europe…